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YolanDa Brown Plays… 

  • Yamaha Custom Tenor YTS 875 EXB 
  • Yamaha Custom Soprano YSS 875 
  • Yamaha Custom Alto YAS 82Z
  • Akai EWI 4000
  • Mouthpiece: Lawton Bronze 6B (Tenor)
  • Reeds: Tenor - Legere (3 1/2) Soprano - Legere (3 1/2)    Alto - Legere (3) 
  • Stand: SaxRax 

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Comment by John David Manson on October 1, 2014 at 22:18

I also started the saxophone at the age of 13, and i also played other instruments before the sax, such as the recorder, the flute, the piano and a little guitar, however i also feel that the saxophone is the instrument right for me, so i feel that i can relate to YolanDa in a way, she is so inspirational and she has inspired me to try and pursue the saxophone as a career.

i have had the honour of meeting YolanDa at a concert in Milton Keynes, she is the nicest person in the music industry you will ever meet, and i would love to see her live again and meet her again.

Comment by Chris Warne on February 2, 2012 at 21:56

Very inspirational!

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