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YolanDa Brown has written. She is a regular columnist for The Big Issue.


Juggling: Musician, Mum And Me

I am a Musician, a Wife, a Mum an artist, writer, presenter, racing driver, educator, daughter, sister and friend. Pausing to think of these titles that make up YolanDa Brown gave me a strange feeling... was it stress, anxiety? How do I do it? Am I ok doing it?


Evolution of British jazz has reached a whole new audience

Everyone’s talking about British jazz at the moment. It’s exciting, fresh and genre-bending! The ‘jazz police’ and the purists might not get it, but it sure is telling its own unique story, and the audience are loving it.


The Offbeat Generation

We're living in a new golden age for homegrown reggae, says YolanDa Brown as she trains the spotlight on six of the best acts in Britain today. Originating from Jamaica and made popular by legendary artists such as Bob Marley, Dennis Brown and Dawn Penn, the reggae torch continues 

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The Gospel Truth

Gospel is in! Ask artists such as Stormzy, with his now legendary Glastonbury Pyramid Stage-performance of Blinded By His Grace and Kanye West’s recent pop-up LA ‘Sunday Service’ brand which he then performed at Coachella to rave reviews..

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Top Brass: the best brass bands leading a renaissance

You might think they're restricted to New Orleans or collieries, but all over the world we’re falling in love with the energy of brass bands all over again.


Music to Soothe the Soul

Soothe sayer – The Teskey Brothers, Simisola, PJ Morton and Anderson Paak are musicians to ease our minds in troubled times. The legendary Bob Marley said, “One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain.” He couldn’t be more spot on! 

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